A "winter" miracle – Beautiful girl born after successful reversal of mifepristone

APR baby Winter

In late March of last year, a young woman in Columbus, Ohio, swallowed the first abortion pill and was provided the four misoprostol pills to take at home. During a routine prenatal office visit just seven weeks into her pregnancy, she was told they were unable to visualize a fetal heartbeat on an abdominal ultrasound. Devastated, she was told to return to the office in two days to end the pregnancy.

When Jodi returned to the office, they provided no hope of a continued pregnancy, and she was given an abortion pill to swallow. She was told this is a medication typically used for abortion and it would help her to pass the lifeless baby.

Returning to her fiancé that evening, both began to wonder if that ultrasound was correct.

“I continued to think the ultrasound was wrong and that my baby did have a heartbeat,” said Jodi, who refused to believe otherwise.

“They had given me four more pills to take at home, but I didn’t want to take them,” Jodi continued. “I wanted to be sure.”

The next day she found the abortion pill reversal website and sent a chat:

“I’m 7 weeks and 3 days. Yesterday I was told there was no heartbeat and was given the abortion medicine. I took the first one but I think they were wrong. Can I reverse it???”

Jodi’s APR nurse, Janelle, explained the reversal process and completed her intake. Jodi was sure. She wanted to try to save her baby.

Jodi went to a local hospital for a second ultrasound to confirm the fetal demise - but they confirmed what she already knew in her heart! Her tiny baby was alive, and her little heart was beating strong!

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Overwhelmed with joy, Jodi was provided the first dose of progesterone by the hospital to reverse the effects of the mifepristone, the abortion drug she had been provided at her doctor’s office.

Mifepristone lowers progesterone to unsafe levels in pregnancy. Progesterone is essential in pregnancy in order to develop the lining of the uterus, grow the placenta, relax the uterus, and keep the cervix closed.

Once mifepristone is introduced during a pregnancy, progesterone is blocked. Without this essential hormone, it becomes very challenging for the pregnancy to continue. However, bioidentical progesterone is available and can be prescribed to counteract the effects and support the pregnancy.

This process is safe for the moms and safe for the babies. Because of this natural hormonal treatment, thousands of pregnancies have continued even after the abortion pill and thousands of children have been saved from the horrors of abortion.

Upon leaving the hospital, Jodi’s APR Hotline nurse connected her with a pregnancy help medical clinic in Columbus to provide ongoing progesterone and support. For the next few weeks, she had frequent ultrasounds to confirm her baby was continuing to grow. Each scan revealed the most beautiful image – Jodi’s baby girl with a bounding heartbeat.

Jodi had a healthy pregnancy and when she reached time for delivery her baby girl was breech. She was first a scheduled c-section, but little Winter flipped over at the last minute, negating the need for the surgery - another reversal for this sweet baby girl. 

After her birth, Jodi contacted the APR Network to share this message and beautiful picture of Winter:

Here’s the baby you helped save :) I couldn’t thank you enough. We’re doing great! She was born 11/9/23 7 pounds 4 oz and 20 inches long. Absolutely no defects or complications :) she was breech until the day of my c section, but flipped down and was born naturally.

I am so thankful for her. I can’t believe I almost let her go.

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APR baby Winter


Like other children born after successful reversal, you would never know her mother took the abortion pill that was reversed with progesterone.

Today Winter is four months old, growing and reaching all the milestones. All of us at the APR Network are thankful too for Jodi’s intuition and determination to save her child’s life. And we are thankful for Winter’s life. Winter’s fortitude will take them far in this world and we look forward to all she has in her future.

APR baby Winter

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