“And here I am” – His mom was advised to abort, now he helps her tell their story of pregnancy help

“And here I am” – His mom was advised to abort, now he helps her tell their story of pregnancy helpVictor and Ruth (Lisa Bourne/Heartbeat International)

A boy who is alive because his mother chose life shared the good news of pregnancy help on Capitol Hill recently, capturing hearts and personifying the value pregnancy help organizations bring to the pro-life debate.

Ruth had been advised to abort for medical reasons and was uneasy with the idea. She consulted her bishop and received a second medical opinion about her situation that was open to her proceeding with her pregnancy.

Ruth chose life, and had her son Victor, now eight and a precocious young man who enthusiastically shares his story.

Victor and Ruth at orientation for Babies Go to Congress/Lisa Bourne

Victor traveled with his mother and representatives of the Pregnancy Care Center of Wayne County to Washington D.C. recently as part of Babies Go to Congress, presented by Heartbeat International. 

Heartbeat is the largest network of pregnancy help organizations globally. The Babies Go to Congress initiative takes moms and their children who have been served by pregnancy centers to meet with U.S. federal lawmakers to share their life-affirming stories and raise awareness of pregnancy help with Congress members.

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Victor had shared his story for the Pregnancy Care Center’s annual banquet when he was just six years old, and he hasn’t stopped advocating for the pregnancy help organization alongside his mother. He even has business cards that contain part of his story and direct readers to the full story online at the Pregnancy Care Center website.

Victor meets Sen. Daines/Lisa Bourne

Victor, Ruth, and Pregnancy Care Center staff, along with Heartbeat team members, visited various lawmakers’ offices, and Victor wholeheartedly shared his story there and elsewhere, including when Senate Pro-Life Caucus founder and chair Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.) stopped by to speak briefly at the Babies Go to Congress closing luncheon.

Victor watches as Sen. Daines writes him a message on his business card/Lisa Bourne

Victor is a marked source of support for his mother, even while he is still developing full understanding of their story’s ramifications.

“When I was in my mommy's tummy it was dangerous because her doctor wanted her to have an abortion,” Victor told Pregnancy Help News.

“So, she went to her bishop, and he told her to pray to God to see His answers, and God said, ‘It's okay, you can have that child,” Victor said. “Then we, she went to the Pregnancy Care Center.”

“And, and here I am,” Victor stated.

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The Victors - Victor met another Victor on the hotel staff, who gave him his nametag/Lisa Bourne















Ruth was referred for an abortion by one of her specialty doctors in 2012. As they talked, he assured her abortion was the best option. He told her if she didn’t have an abortion a previous surgery would be compromised, and it was a risk for her life and the baby’s.

Ruth’s bishop told her if it was really medically necessary, she should do it, but to first ask God. 

After praying to God, the following day, she went to see the doctor that referred her to the Pregnancy Center. 

“Because I was so scared the Pregnancy Center sent a client advocate to my home,” Ruth said. 

The client advocate made her feel comfortable, and invited her to the pregnancy help center, where she learned about abortion, as well as parenting classes and other help that was available. 

“I really did not know what to do,” Ruth said. “I was always against abortion, but I was confused because of what the doctor had said.”

"The Pregnancy Care Center staff and client advocates worked together to supply me with the information I needed to make an informed decision," she said.

   On the way to the Capitol/Lisa Bourne

Hearing about the abortion procedure, viewing the center’s educational video and seeing her baby through the center’s ultrasound all contributed to her proceeding with the subsequent medical opinion and choosing life.

“When I saw my baby on the screen and heard the heartbeat, I knew I was going to be okay,” Ruth said. “I chose life for my baby boy.”

She is grateful and continues to advocate for the center.

“Today Victor is eight years old,” said Ruth. “It is not uncommon for us to visit the Center.” 

“Victor is always ready to hug everyone and tell them he loves them,” she said. “At the PCC 2020 annual banquet, Victor himself shared his testimony of life. He said that his mom had a “scary time when he was in her tummy, but she came to the Pregnancy Center and the people there helped her.” During PCCs 2021 banquet Victor served as a greeter and talked with people as they arrived.”

Asked what people should know about his mom, Victor said, “That she’s cool.”

“She cooks yummy food, and she lets us watch movies at night,” he added.

Ruth is a good mom, he says.

And the Pregnancy Care Center?

“They are good on service,” he said.

Victor is scheduled to speak at the Pregnancy Care Center’s 2022 banquet on Oct. 4.

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