By the Numbers: A Look at NARAL's 'New' 'Report'

By the Numbers: A Look at NARAL\

You’d think a group that spends upwards of $9 million per year to advance the business interests of the world’s most public monetized killing machine could afford a decent research department.

That, apparently, is not the case with NARAL Pro-Choice America.

The tireless champions for Big Abortion’s prosperity released a new report March 9—a generous use of the terms “new” nor a “report”—titled, “Crisis Pregnancy Centers Lie: The Insidious Threat to Reproductive Freedom.”

Functioning as a sort of “NARAL’s Greatest Hits,” the 24-page document, a title we promise we didn't make up for dramatic effect, includes a herculean total of 107 citations.

Want to know how many citations come from previously released NARAL state reports? 


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For anyone mathematically challenged, that factors out to 86 percent of total citations, linking back to none other than NARAL itself. Even among the 15 non-NARAL citations NARAL employs in the propaganda piece, only seven come from sources not named The Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood's research arm.

That, as any English professor or grade-school teacher will tell you, won’t get you a passing grade in the classroom. This comes on the heels of a failing grade in the courtroom for NARAL’s research department after one of the organization’s latest bumbling attack on pregnancy centers cost Maryland taxpayers $375,000.

But here’s another number for your consideration: Twelve.

That’s how many times the words “danger” and “dangerous” are bandied about in this report—not including two additional uses of “danger” and “dangerous” in the organization’s press release announcing its publication.

What’s so dangerous? According to this report, pregnancy help organizations, of course. References to “dangerous misinformation,” “dangerous delay tactics,” “extremely dangerous information,” “underhanded and dangerous tactics” fill the pages of the report.

The abundance of dramatic language throughout the paper serves as a good substitute for daytime television if you have to be at work all day, but beyond that, the “research” fails to bring up one actual case where any woman or her child has ever been in “danger” in a pregnancy help organization. 

No woman has ever died in a pregnancy help organization, a fact which stands in stark contrast to the highly profitable abortion businesses for which NARAL is contending.

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Actual women die in these abortion clinics. Not in the back alley abortions in a foregone age. In real life. These are our neighbors, the very women pregnancy help organizations exist to serve with all the love and support—and medically accurate information—they need in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy.

Which brings up another point: If NARAL isn’t looking out solely to protect the slowly dwindling market share of abortion providers, why aren’t they celebrating the “medicalization” of pregnancy help organizations?

In his March 2 article at Pregnancy Help News, Vice President of Heartbeat International Jor-El Godsey pointed out NARAL’s patent refusal to accept any pregnancy center’s medical qualifications—regardless of what pesky doctors and state medical boards have to say.

Godsey quoted Maryland NARAL official Jodi Finkelstein, whose words capture the sentiment: “Medicalizing . . . conveys a seal of approval that we never want to be complicit in allowing CPCs to claim.”

In other words, whether or not pregnancy help organizations are actually helping and serving women has no bearing on NARAL’s stance. At the end of the day, more pregnancy help organizations mean fewer abortion mills, fewer abortions, and—most importantly—fewer dollars to staff the research department.

Which brings us to the final number of NARAL’s report: 5.6 to 1.

That’s the number Big Abortion’s accounting department goes to bed thinking about, because that’s the ratio of life-affirming pregnancy help organizations to abortion clinics left in the U.S.

Every time a woman walks out of your organization, empowered with the facts about abortion, fetal development, or even material aid, she's this much closer to choosing life for the life she's carrying inside her.

That means, of course, she's also this close to choosing against abortion. 

There’s nothing “insidious” about a woman empowered to choose life. But there’s plenty “dangerous” about it for Big Abortion.

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