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Churches can be the answer to abortion – Let’s give them the tools

Abortion is a problem in our nation. Not a shocking statement, right?

We know that it’s an issue, we know it damages our society, and above all we know that it kills children and harms mothers.

Many of us have a specific calling to end abortion. We have a role in this battle through helping mothers in need, lobbying for new laws, or caring for children after they have been born. Those of us who are lucky enough to have a clear path to follow are, unfortunately, in the minority.

Many people know that they’re pro-life, but they don’t know what to do about it. They care, they want to make a difference, but they’re not certain how to go about it. Those of us who are active in the pro-life movement may feel annoyed or frustrated. How hard can it be, right? Most of all, we’re trying to offer ways to get involved and make a difference – but matching people to appropriate tasks is a daunting project and impossible for us to take on alone.

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These challenges are what lead me to write a new curriculum designed for churches called Courageously Pro-Life: Equipping Believers to Transform Our World

As the executive director of a pregnancy medical center, I frequently encounter church members that want to be more effective and more knowledgeable but aren't sure where to start. This material gives them the opportunity to learn more about their beliefs and take practical steps towards living those beliefs in their everyday life.

Courageously Pro-Life takes groups of believers on a 12-week journey. Throughout this journey they will learn about the sanctity of human life, the history of abortion, current abortion laws, eugenics, euthanasia, apologetics, and how to teach the next generation. Each week contains core Scripture verses, historical facts, and information both from extensive research and my own experiences. 

At the conclusion of the study, groups will spend two weeks wrestling with their responsibility as a community and as an individual. They will complete the series by forming a pro-life task force, with concrete steps to take as they work to affect true change in our community. 

At every turn, participants are encouraged to get in touch with their local pregnancy help organization and meet needs in their own communities. 

In fact, I believe so strongly that connecting with the pregnancy help movement is a vital part of ending abortion, that we want to partner with pregnancy centers to bring this material to their local churches. 

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Any pregnancy center that wants to partner with me in this initiative can receive a donation when one of their churches purchases the book, and a promotional kit designed to help them connect with churches in their community. 

This project came out of my fervent belief that the church (every believer) is the answer to the problem of abortion. Yes, there are non-Christians who are pro-life, and that’s great! However, I believe the responsibility to change our nation into one that truly values life falls squarely on the shoulders of the church – all of us. Not one congregation, tradition, or denomination. Every believer. 

To truly understand what it means to be courageously pro-life, we need to move beyond bite-sized tasks and meaningless platitudes. 

Sarah Bowen

This problem is a big one, but it’s one that we can solve. 

By understanding the history of these issues, and how believers have made a difference in the past, we can better grasp our role today. By learning to view the abortion-minded woman with love and compassion, we can better prepare ourselves to encounter her in our church, workplace, or community. By digging into the history and tactics of the American eugenics movement, we can learn to be on guard today against industries that target certain people groups for extermination.

Friends, the church is the answer – but we need to wake up. Congregations know there is a problem and they want to address it; this new material will give them a bird’s-eye view of history, as well as practical steps to take to make a difference.

Are you a pregnancy help leader? This new study can help believers connect more deeply with your ministry! Find out how we can work together at

Editor's note: Sarah Bowen is the Executive Director of Alpha Omega Center, a medical center with locations in Slippery Rock, New Castle, and Sandy Lake, PA. She began with Alpha Omega Center as a college intern in 2008, and has been the executive director since 2014. Sarah and her husband Anthony have been married for 11 years and Anthony stays home with and homeschools their four sons, Tommy (10), Eli (7), Zeke (6), and Jonah (4). They also have two cats, Liberty and Justice. Her first book, Courageously Pro-Life, is available at her website, When Sarah isn’t working to end abortion she can be found knitting, riding her razor scooter, bicycling, and spending time with her family.

This article has been updated with more detail from Sarah.

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