Citing a July decision, two Planned Parenthood clinics in Wisconsin resume performing abortions

Citing a July decision, two Planned Parenthood clinics in Wisconsin resume performing abortions (National Right to Life News)

(NRLC) After a year of protection, unborn babies in Wisconsin are once again in lethal danger. On Monday, Planned Parenthood’s clinics in Milwaukee and Madison resumed performing abortion.

They had paused, because of the Supreme Court’s June 22, 2022 Dobbs decision which overturned Roe v. Wade and “triggered Wisconsin’s 1849 law that providers interpreted as banning almost all abortions,” according to Miranda Nazzaro of the Associated Press.

But pro-abortionists wasted no time. Mere days after the Dobbs decision Wisconsin’s pro-abortion Attorney General Josh Kaul filed a lawsuit in Dane County challenging the law.

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In July Dane County Circuit Court Judge Diane Schlipper “ruled against a motion to dismiss Kaul’s lawsuit, saying it can go forward,” Our Sunday Visitor reported. “In her ruling, Schlipper wrote that she found the 1849 law only applies to ‘feticide,’ which was defined as an ‘act or instance of killing a fetus, usually by assaulting and battering,'” CNN reported. Schlipper’s ruling prompted the Planned Parenthood decision to resume performing abortions in the state.”

Planned Parenthood’s announcement comes as Judge Schlipper “appears slated to issue an order in the coming weeks prohibiting prosecutors from going after abortion providers under the 1849 law,” Alexander Shur reported “That lawsuit may eventually be decided in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.”

Tweet This: Milwaukee & Madison Planned Parenthoods resumed abortions after a judge allowed a lawsuit against the state's pro-life law to proceed

“This is a devastating day for preborn children and women facing unexpected pregnancies in Wisconsin,” said Gracie Skogman, Wisconsin Right to Life’s legislative/PAC director, stated. “Planned Parenthood is once again showing that they value profit over the lives of vulnerable women and children.”

Skogman continued, “Abortion is not healthcare, it takes the lives of innocent children and leaves many women with unspeakable pain and suffering.”

“Planned Parenthood is more concerned about their bottom line and keeping abortion dollars in Wisconsin than finding a way to help women in unplanned pregnancies,” shared Heather Weininger, Wisconsin Right to Life’s executive director. “As we worked to ensure women were receiving resources to help during an unplanned pregnancy, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin was finding ways to keep their profit margins up by taking the lives of preborn babies in Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin Right to Life will continue to advocate for the full protection of preborn life, and full support for women facing unexpected or challenging pregnancies.

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said, “he will pray tonight for all the unborn children who will no longer have the opportunity to be born because of the decisions that politicians are making.”

Editor's note: This article was published by National Right to Life Committee and is reprinted with permission.

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