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“Compassion, true medical care and concern” – APR pioneer honored with Legacy Award at Heartbeat Conference Heartbeat International President Jor-El Godsey and Dr. George Delgado/Mark Chenoweth

“Compassion, true medical care and concern” – APR pioneer honored with Legacy Award at Heartbeat Conference

One of the pioneers of the life-saving abortion pill reversal protocol was honored for his impact on the pro-life movement during Heartbeat International’s Annual Pregnancy Help Conference this week.

Dr. George Delgado has impacted the pregnancy help movement in special ways, Heartbeat President Jor-El Godsey told the Conference, citing Delgado’s passion for APR and his commitment to patient care.

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“I would like to honor a very special person for the movement, and for not just the pregnancy help movement, but for the pro-life movement,” he said, “and that is Dr. George Delgado.”

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Delgado and Dr. Matt Harrison pioneered the abortion pill reversal protocol and the Abortion Pill Reversal Network beginning in 2007.

The network and its 24/7 hotline, now known as the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network, changed hands from Delgado to Heartbeat International in 2018. Delgado and Harrison continue to serve as medical advisors to the APRN.

Abortion pill reversal (APR) utilizes a treatment administering progesterone, the natural hormone in a pregnant mom’s system that sustains pregnancy. The treatment used for decades to prevent miscarriage is applied through APR to counter the first drug in the two-drug chemical abortion process, mifepristone. 

The APRN consists of roughly 1,000 medical providers and pregnancy help centers who facilitate APR.

The protocol is the target of pro-abortion activists, who try to demean the treatment’s validity via the media and attempt to block laws mandating that women be informed of the protocol’s availability through the courts.  

These efforts include disparaging it as “junk science.” 

Nonetheless, statistics show that to date 2,000 lives and counting have been saved thanks to the APRN.

Godsey told the hundreds of pregnancy help servants at Heartbeat’s Conference that Delgado was a tireless proponent of the life-saving protocol, despite pro-abortion pushback.

“And he, out of an activist heart, the compassion, the true medical care and concern for those he was serving, he basically willed it into existence,” Godsey said of Delgado’s forming of the APRN.

“He saw the need and pursued it passionately,” Godsey said, “he’s been all over not just the country, but the world championing abortion pill reversal.”

Godsey then spoke of the pro-abortion heat directed Delgado’s way. 

“He has been under fire like no one I know in the pro-life movement has been under fire,” he said, “for this very thing that reaches …” 

Godsey then characterized the evil that APR counters through its life-saving effects.

“We talk about … the scripture says the gates of hell will not prevail against it,” he stated, “and that’s exactly what abortion pill reversal has risen up to. And we are grateful for the legacy that Dr. George Delgado has created.”

Heartbeat’s 2021 Annual Pregnancy Help Conference runs through Apr. 30.

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