From abortion nurse to abortion pill reversal nurse - She knows the reality of the abortion industry

From abortion nurse to abortion pill reversal nurse - She knows the reality of the abortion industry (Molly Blackbird/Unsplash)

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony - Revelation 12:11

This is the Word that Lisa lives by. Lisa has seen both sides of Big Abortion and now she is moved to save lives every single day.

From a young age Lisa wanted to help women and she knew this would be through a nursing career. When she saw an advertisement for a position in a women’s clinic, she believed this was her opportunity to fulfill that dream.

Sadly, this began her nine-year employment in the abortion clinics. 

Believing she was offering needed healthcare, Lisa assisted with surgical abortions for four years until the abortion pill became available. Lisa was then assigned to help patients starting chemical abortion and was even given a cell phone to take after-hour calls.

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For five more years she helped women start their abortions with a pill in the clinic and then complete their abortions at home.

But God…

One day at the clinic Lisa had a pivotal moment. 

After assisting with an abortion, she looked at the baby boy whose precious life had just been ended. The reality of abortion suddenly was revealed to her. She realized she was not helping women at all. 

Lisa says, “I continued in the industry, but my conviction became harder and harder to face.”

As time passed, the scales were slowly removed from her eyes. 

Lisa recalls, “Big abortion lies to you and makes empty promises.” 

Tweet This: “Big abortion lies to you and makes empty promises” - former abortion nurse

No longer wanting to be a part of this tragedy, she left the industry in March of 2005. 

“In a busy recovery room full of broken women, I discovered I was broken too,” Lisa said. “I gathered my belongings and I left. I never went back, I had seen and done too much.”

Lisa (far left) last July at the annual APRN Nurse Gathering in Columbus, Ohio


Lisa (second from right) joins the Medical Impact team last April at Heartbeat International Annual Pregnancy Help Conference.

After seeking healing for her experience, Lisa has since found ways to truly help women. 

She eventually began work in a pregnancy help center in her home state offering real healthcare in an environment that extends truth and support to women.

When she heard about Abortion Pill Reversal, she was instantly intrigued. 

Could this be real? Could women really have another chance to choose life?  

                Lisa truly helps women now
                with Abortion Pill Reversal.

Lisa contacted the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN), managed by Heartbeat International, and for two years she worked as a volunteer nurse, assisting women reverse their chemical abortions. Many lives have been saved thanks to Lisa’s commitment to this work.

She has now moved into a management role overseeing the APRN nurses and assisting pregnancy centers with their medical services.

Lisa says this about her prolife work: 

“Abortion Pill Reversal and the Abortion Pill Rescue Network offer real options to women. I am thankful and honored to support women as they overcome many obstacles in order to choose life for their children. I saw how abortion affects women and I want to do all I can to help them make healthier choices for themselves and their babies.”

Tweet This: “Abortion Pill Reversal and the Abortion Pill Rescue Network offer real options to women" - former abortion nurse

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