Houston Pregnancy Center offers “life-saving option” of 24-hour Abortion Pill Reversal help

Houston Pregnancy Center offers “life-saving option” of 24-hour Abortion Pill Reversal helpHouston Pregnancy Help Centers provide practical and compassionate support to women in unplanned pregnancy situations. (Houston Pregnancy Help Centers)

The abortion pill is something many women quickly regret taking as the reality of what they’re doing dawns on them. Sometimes this happens in the middle of the night, and panic strikes as the need to reverse it is immediate and all-consuming. 

But this timing means crises may occur outside the regular operating hours of pregnancy help centers that help women in need. 

Heartbeat International’s 24/7 contact center Option Line is always available, but to even better ensure help is accessible to women in their local area, the team at Houston Pregnancy Help Centers has taken additional steps provide access to Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) assistance whenever they need it, no matter the hour. 

Because time is of the essence at that point. 

“We utilize the gift of Option Line and the APR 24-hour helpline as much as possible,” said Sylvia Johnson, executive director of the Houston Pregnancy Help Centers. “We are prepared to offer a woman hope and help at that very moment.” 

Women in need simply call 877-558-0333 and an APR nurse will then call someone on Johnson’s team if the patient is in the Houston area. 

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In response to these calls, a plain white van will rapidly arrive to assist the woman in reversing her chemical abortion while the window to do so remains open, she said. The van includes a portable ultrasound machine. 

After an examination the woman will be prescribed progesterone and she can quickly fill it at one of the multiple 24-hour pharmacies in the Houston area. 

The swift response can reverse the attempted chemical abortion, and the baby can continue to develop normally — spared from the toxicity intended to kill him or her. 

“Since we are available 24 hours, we are usually the first pregnancy center called to service the APR patient,” Johnson said. “We love this! It is our desire to see as many APR patients as possible.”

A physical location isn’t open 24 hours yet, Johnson said. 


Beth Diemert, director of affiliate services for Heartbeat International, said she’s not aware of any other pregnancy centers with this level of APR assistance availability so far. 

She urges other pregnancy centers to strategically increase their accessibility by looking at the data for when the majority of their calls come in and then remain open during those windows of time. 

For now, she is glad the pregnancy help centers try to mirror the hours of their nearby darker alternative.

“A lot of centers located close to an abortion clinic try to be open at the same time because clients can be brought over to the pregnancy center by sidewalk counselors or if the woman changes her mind and she wants to speak to someone immediately,” Diemert said. “But they’re not typically open when abortion clinics are closed.” 

Pregnancy centers are where to find help when a woman needs it, Diemert stressed. 

“She must understand she’s not alone,” she said. “Here are people there to help her.”

“A lot of times, a woman might not want people in her life to know she’s pregnant or how exactly she became pregnant,” Diemert explained. “There’s a caring person there to tell her story to at pregnancy centers; they have everything there for what she needs.”

Christa Brown, director of Medical Impact for Heartbeat International, concurred that fallout from the abortion pill is not limited to regular business hours. Brown overseas the daily operations of the APRN (Abortion Pill Rescue® Network).

“Chemical abortion is advertised to those who are hoping for convenience and the comfort of their own home,” she said. “Being available to women who have regret is crucial — no matter the time of day or day of the week.”

Many women want to start their chemical abortion on a Friday evening so they can recover Monday and return to work or school, Brown explained. 

“Many start the abortion, hoping it will alleviate some of the pressures of the situation and appease those who might have influence over her decisions,” she said. 

“But just because a woman starts an abortion does not been she is absolute in her decision,” said Brown. “Many women have regret after abortions, and for many that regret sets in right away.”

“Houston Pregnancy Centers are available with this life-saving option whenever they are needed, and I know their efforts to be available when needed will save many lives,” she continued. 

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Johnson foresees an evolution on the horizon. 

“I think we are in the beginning stages of lots of changes as it pertains to client services at pregnancy centers,” she said. “I believe we are on the cusp of significant change.”

She also wants to set the record straight for women who are disheartened at their situation. 

“Contrary to what you have heard, free practical pregnancy assistance is available,” she said. “Caring, compassionate and non-judgmental women are ready to serve and encourage you.” 

“Truth is good,” she added. “Seek truth.” 

“We are preparing for the battle before us,” Johnson continued. “The battle belongs to the Lord! We will stand on His Word!”

More information on APR and the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network managed by Heartbeat International is available HERE and HERE.

Help through Heartbeat’s 24/7 bi-lingual contact center, Option Line, can be reached by calling 1-800-712-4357, texting 1-800-712-4357, or clicking HERE.

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages the APRN and Pregnancy Help News.

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