"I could not imagine my life without my little girl now” - Grateful mom shares Abortion Pill Reversal story

\"I could not imagine my life without my little girl now” - Grateful mom shares Abortion Pill Reversal storyAmrita Kaur addressed the UK March for Life in September ( March4LifeUK Facebook)

(LifeNews)c got a second chance that most mothers do not when they turn to abortion in a moment of panic.

Because of her quick action and the help of a pro-life doctor, Kaur’s abortion was reversed and her baby’s life was saved. Now, the 27-year-old British mother is spreading the word about the life-saving abortion pill reversal treatment to help other mothers and babies.

“I believe it is so important for women to have access to this,” Kaur told The Epoch Times in a new interview. “This has definitely lit a fire in me to share awareness of pregnancy, the [abortion] reversal pill … and how abortion isn’t as easy as just taking a pill.”

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Speaking with the newspaper, Kaur, of Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, England, said she panicked in 2020 when she found out she was pregnant.

“My eyes instantly filled up, and I cried for 20 minutes going through the things that I would never be able to do again if we kept the baby,” she remembered.

Kaur was unmarried and jobless at the time, and some of her friends urged her to have an abortion. She said she and the baby’s father discussed their options together and decided to set up an appointment with the British Pregnancy Advisory Services (BPAS), a British abortion chain, to ask questions, according to the interview.

The phone consultation was very short, and the abortion chain basically pushed Kaur to abort her unborn baby.

“We had a list of questions ready, and the lady on the phone did not answer one,” Kaur told The Epoch Times. “As soon as she heard the dad’s voice, she asked him to leave and simply said that it’s either I want the tablets or not. Out of fear of it becoming too late to get an abortion, I said yes. Within a couple of days, the abortion pills were at my door.”

Kaur said she took the first of two abortion pills a few days later and immediately felt “overwhelmed with regret.” Searching online for a remedy, she said she found information about the abortion pill reversal treatment and called BPAS. However, she said the abortion facility did not take her seriously.

Then, she found a pro-life doctor Dr. Dermot Kearney, a former president of the UK Catholic Medical Association, who is trained to provide the life-saving treatment.

Here’s more from the interview:

Kaur called and spoke to Kearney’s assistant. Within an hour, Kearney had returned her call and sent progesterone pills to her closest pharmacy. He also referred the expectant mom to a support service for the remainder of her pregnancy.

“Dr. Dermot was very caring and understood my worry and pain,” she said.

The abortion pill reversal worked, and Kaur’s daughter, Ahri-Storm Kaur Garrett, was born on Nov. 2, 2021, according to the report.

“I am incredibly grateful that I was lucky enough to find Dr. Dermot and reverse my decision, as I could not imagine my life without my little girl now,” Kaur said.

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Amrita with Kearney and the baby he helped her to save/Christian Concern

Kaur said she now believes that babies in the womb are valuable human beings even at the earliest stage of pregnancy, and women should be better informed about abortion.

“I think there needs to be a lot more information out there about pregnancy, the side-effects of the abortion pill, and the reality of having a child; not just the negative view,” she said. “Having a baby does not change your life for the negative.”

Kaur also emphasized the value of motherhood, saying: “Once you have a baby, it will always work out, as you have this protective fire to provide for your child. The reality is that you are still your own woman, not just a mom, and have the ability to do anything you want to do. You just have a little cheerleader with you at all times!”

Across the world, the abortion pill reversal treatment has helped to save more than 3,000 babies’ lives so far.

The treatment works by counteracting the abortion drug mifepristone, the first of two drugs typically taken to abort and then expel the unborn baby. Mifepristone makes the uterus inhospitable to new life by blocking the hormone progesterone. The reversal procedure involves giving the mother doses of progesterone to counteract the abortion drug. The abortion pill reversal procedure does not work after the mother takes the second drug, misoprostol, one or two days later.

According to the American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYNs (AAPLOG), it works very similarly to a hormonal treatment that has been used for years to help prevent miscarriages.

Research indicates the treatment is safe and effective. One study found that nearly 70 percent of women who underwent the treatment were able to reverse the effects of the abortion drug and save their babies’ lives. The study did not find any increased risks of complications or birth defects.

Anyone who has taken the first abortion pill and wishes to stop the abortion is urged to immediately visit www.abortionpillreversal.com or call the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline at 877-558-0333.

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