Tuesday, 28 November 2023
Most Americans still support pro-life protections; Poll Andrae Ricketts/Unsplash

Most Americans still support pro-life protections; Poll

A recent poll revealed Americans’ opinions regarding abortion since the Roe v. Wade overturn with the Dobbs ruling is not what mainstream media portrays.

An average of three quarters of those polled by Tarrance Group for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America favor limits on abortions by 15 weeks.

The poll asked 1,000 individuals nationwide about the government’s ability to protect the unborn and their mothers. This study included a three percent margin of error. 

The poll examined issues such as cut-off gestational age for termination.

Seventy-seven percent agree that infants at 15 weeks can feel pain, according to the study; therefore, abortion procedures should not be performed beyond this.

The vice president for the largest network of pregnancy help organizations globally and in the U.S. remarked on the confirmation that Americans still support life for pregnant women and their babies.

“As state abortion restrictions and bans are created and enacted in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, we see American society continuing to stand up in support of pregnant mothers and the right to life of preborn babies,” said Tracie Shellhouse. “By passing pro-life protections, Congress can send a powerful message of hope to pregnant women and newborns alike, the message that women are capable and strong and human life is sacred."

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Parental consent was addressed in the poll. The question posed whether minors should receive the consent of their parents in order to have an abortion. Seventy percent said yes. This statistic includes 54 percent of Democrats, 65 percent of Independents and 54 percent of pro-choice voters.

Seventy- six percent of those polled say they support pregnancy centers that provide resources for moms as opposed to abortion procedures. This includes 68 percent of Democrats, 70 percent of Independents and 77 percent of women.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser commented that contrary to the information shared on major news outlets, Americans have their own opinions.

“When it comes to protecting life and supporting women, Americans agree far more than the media will report,” Dannenfelser said. 

“We believe the science that shows babies in the womb have a beating heart at six weeks, can suck their thumb as early as 10 weeks and feel pain at least by 15 weeks,” she said. “We believe parents have a right to know if their daughters are considering abortion. And we believe women deserve all the compassion, support, and resources the pro-life safety net provides to genuinely empower them – not to be sold an abortion and sent off to figure out how to cope on their own.”

Shellhouse offered the reminder of the impact that pregnancy help has when women are facing unplanned pregnancies.

"For decades, pregnant women have been empowered and equipped to choose life for their children by community-driven, non-profit pregnancy help centers which are now represented in more than half our nation's counties,” Shellhouse said.

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Tabitha Goodling

Tabitha Goodling has been writing for media outlets for more than 20 years in her home state of Pennsylvania. She has served as a client services manager at her local pregnancy center since 2018. She and her husband are raising four teenage daughters, which include a set of triplets.

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