NARAL, What Are You Prepared to Do to Fight Choice?

NARAL, What Are You Prepared to Do to Fight Choice?

“You see what I'm saying is, what are you prepared to do?”

That’s the central question in The Untouchables, which tells the story of the eventual capture and prosecution of notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone.

The boss of a wide-reaching criminal operation that thrived in the Prohibition era, Capone’s penchant for violence was matched by the power of his alliances with corrupted and bribed politicians.

By the time Elliot Ness was appointed by the U.S. Treasury Department to take down Capone in the late 1920s, Capone had earned the dubious title of “Public Enemy No. 1.” Because nearly everyone was complicit within the Chicago Police Department and the political landscape, to take on Capone meant to take on the world.

Hence the question Sean Connery’s savvy cop character poses to Elliot Ness: What are you prepared to do?

By now, it’s no secret that NARAL’s singular goal is to make abortion the only game in town for women facing an unexpected pregnancy.

What’s becoming clearer by the minute is just what NARAL is prepared to do in order to promote abortion as the only choice in a crisis pregnancy.

Acting in a full-on disconnect from its very name, NARAL Pro-Choice America has identified its own Public Enemy No. 1 in the unlikeliest of places: nonprofit pregnancy help centers.

Supported in 2,500-plus local communities all across the nation and all over the world, pregnancy help centers offer—for free—pregnancy tests, limited ultrasound services, material aid, parenting classes, job and skills training, group and individual care for past abortion experiences and more.

Hardly the same services Capone and his crew offered in his heyday.

In fact, you could make a much more compelling case that it’s NARAL and the abortion cartel that bear a striking similarity to Capone’s empire: the regular taking of innocent life, cooking the books to hide illegal and unethical transactions, buying politicians, and leveraging the coercive power of the state over opponents.

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Case in point: California, where a NARAL-backed piece of legislation that forces only pro-life pregnancy centers to put up and distribute one of two signs or else. Both versions of the state-mandated signs indicate what these centers do not provide: namely abortions and abortion referrals.

The penalty for “violating” this demand from the state is $500 on the first “offense” and $1,000 for any subsequent “offenses”. You can almost picture such a threat coming from a corrupt police chief under Capone’s command, “Ya’d post that sign if ya know what’s good fer ya.”

Now, a bit of background. The law requiring centers to post signage was conceived in an unholy union of a wholly undocumented “undercover investigation” concocted conducted by NARAL against pregnancy centers and the Democratic-controlled legislature in California, which took the deceptively titled “report” at face value.

As the law was being pushed through via strictly party-line votes on its way to its Oct. 9, 2015 ratification by Gov. Jerry Brown, NARAL was busy capitalizing on its newfound momentum, hosting a standup comedy event designed to create and disseminate lies about pregnancy centers.

Tweet This: You’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified expert on intimidation, killing than #NARAL. #prolife

When Care Net, a national network of pregnancy centers, hosted its annual conference last September in San Diego, NARAL bought an ad in the local newspaper with the clear intent of harassing the event’s participants. Regurgitating NARAL’s false charges against pregnancy centers, the ad ends with the question, “You get what we’re doing with this, right? Love, NARAL Pro-Choice California Foundation.”

NARAL's ad, targeting attendees at the 2015 Care Net Conference in San Diego

Federal judges in the state have denied four attempts at preliminary injunctions on behalf of pregnancy centers, but no center has been cited for disobeying the new state law, which is similar to several state and local laws that have been overturned in the past decade.

By and large, pregnancy centers and life-affirming medical clinics in the state have made no plans to kowtow before the law, and have said as much when asked by media throughout the state.

Which all brings us to Tuesday. That’s when an article penned by Amy Everitt, state director for NARAL Pro-Choice California, appeared in The Sacramento Bee with the unbelievably rich headline, “Backers of crisis pregnancy centers try to intimidate opponents”.

Everitt’s main point—aside from being doggedly opposed to the choice pregnancy centers represent—is that their lawful appeals through the legal system represent “intimidation”.

In a stroke of sheer irony, one of the highlights in the online edition of the article reads, “Centers are flouting the law, and anti-abortion groups are suing to kill it.”

Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified expert on intimidation and, frankly, killing, than a leader at NARAL. But, it might be even represent a higher degree of difficulty to find a better example of desperation.

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Having conceived and carried along a law that singles out the only alternative to its business, NARAL’s maternal instinct is kicking in. There’s a fierceness on display that’s hard to find outside of a mother’s embrace of her newborn child.

It’s not enough for NARAL to have the law in place: they want it enforced. Immediately. No questions asked. No appeals to the legal system. Comply or else.

Don’t expect Everitt’s protestation that pregnancy centers are “intimidating opponents” to scare the Golden State’s pregnancy help people away from doing their life-saving work in good conscience.

Just as Sean Connery’s character closed out his conversation with Elliot Ness: “The Lord hates a coward.”

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