Planned Parenthood laments not being able to proceed with ‘coercive’ abortion on minor

Pro-Life Campaign

(Pro-Life Campaign) In a recent 911 call, a Planned Parenthood employee in North Carolina is heard reporting an incident to police involving a 16-year-old girl who had just confided to clinic staff that she was accompanied at the clinic by individuals who were forcing her to abort her baby against her will. 

Describing to police what was taking place, the Planned Parenthood employee said to police:  “…we have a minor who did, um, disclose to us that, um, she’s being forced to have her procedure today. Unfortunately, my provider will not do the procedure if she’s being forced.”

In the episode which happened a fortnight ago, the Planned Parenthood staff member clearly lets the mask slip by declaring it “unfortunate” that the coercive abortion would not be able to proceed. Once the girl confided that she didn’t want the procedure, Planned Parenthood had little choice but to report the incident to police.

Local reports say that within minutes of the 911 call, a number of police cars arrived at the clinic in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There have been no subsequent reports on what transpired. Hopefully, the young girl was given the protection she needed and is being supported for the immensely courageous stance she took to safeguard the life of her unborn child.

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Planned Parenthood has an appalling record when it comes to protecting women from coercive abortion. They have been caught multiple times covering up sexual abuse and coercion abortion practices.

Transcripts and audio recordings of 911 calls are readily accessible in the US with certain limitations and redactions imposed, primarily to protect the anonymity and privacy of the individuals involved. 

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Also of note – in 2023 North Carolina passed an abortion bill that among other things contains a provision that allows for women to sue abortionists who carry out abortions while knowing the woman is under duress to have the procedure. No doubt this new legal requirement was a big motivating factor in the 911 call entered by Planned Parenthood in the recent case involving the pregnant 16 year old. 

Editor's note: This article was published by Pro-Life Campaign and is reprinted with permission.

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