Post-election poll shows how abortion issue impacted voters

Post-election poll shows how abortion issue impacted votersA pro-life supporter displays a Susan B. Anthony List get-out-the-pro-life-vote sign during the 2020 March for Life rally (Lisa Bourne/Heartbeat International)

(Live Action) A post-election poll of voters in the 2020 election shows that the issue of abortion played a key role in the election, leaning in favor of pro-life candidates, according to a press release from National Right to Life (NRLC). The poll was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates.

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Nationally, 23% of voters said the issue of abortion affected how they voted, and said they voted for pro-life candidates. In comparison, only 18% of voters who said abortion affected their vote voted for pro-abortion candidates. This gave pro-life candidates a five percent advantage.

According to NRLC, in states in which the organization’s political committees were most active, 27% of voters said the issue of abortion caused them to vote for pro-life candidates, compared to only 16% of voters who said the issue caused them to vote for pro-abortion candidates.

These numbers show the issue of abortion played a large role in pro-lifers’ decisions on how to vote in 2020. According to NRLC, 71% of candidates supported by the organization won their races. “Despite being vastly outspent by pro-abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood and EMILY’s List, pro-life candidates won […] by significant margins,” said NRLC.

Part of these pro-life wins included the election of 17 pro-life women to Congress. Nine of them flipped seats that were previously held by pro-abortion incumbents, according to the Susan B. Anthony List. This new influx brings the total number of pro-life women in congress to 27.

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According to Secular Pro-Life, there were 14 federal races won by pro-life candidates by a difference of fewer than five points. “[I]n other words,” said the group, “those where single-issue pro-life voters likely decided the election….”

Pro-life advertising seems to have paid off in this election, with about one-third of voters saying they remembered hearing or receiving pro-life information or advertising in the days leading up to the election, including from NRLC, Susan B. Anthony List, Americans United for Life, and Women Speak Out PAC.

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