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Pregnancy help community is with every woman, for every child; Heartbeat featured in March for Life video March for Life theme video message

Pregnancy help community is with every woman, for every child; Heartbeat featured in March for Life video

Heartbeat International was featured in a video message played before millions during the national March for Life rally in Washington D.C. Jan. 19. 

With the theme Pro-Life: With Every Woman, For Every Child, the 2024 March for Life had a focus on pregnancy help. 

The March for Life is partnering with Heartbeat International and CareNet to host a donation drive for pregnancy help organizations across the U.S. Heartbeat is the largest network of pregnancy help both in the U.S. and globally. The pregnancy help donation drive was kicked off coinciding with the March and lasts through 2024. As of the day of the March more than 500 pregnancy help centers had signed up to participate in the drive.

The video message was aired during the March for Life rally, typically attended by thousands, and streamed live on the internet and via global Catholic network EWTN.

March for Life theme video

“We here at Heartbeat are an international network of pro-life life-affirming pregnancy help organizations,” Heartbeat Vice President of Communications and Marketing Andrea Trudden said in the video message. “Pregnancy centers are all over, opening their doors, answering those calls and providing that hope. We are alongside our friends at the March for Life with every woman, for every child.”

Three women who were served by pregnancy help organizations shared their stories in the video.

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March for Life President Jeanne Mancini opened the message with praise for pregnancy help.

“When a woman is facing an unexpected pregnancy, what she most needs to hear is that you've got this and that I will help you,” Mancini said. “We march to change laws, but we also march to change hearts and minds.” 

“These centers come alongside women when they're facing an unexpected pregnancy. They give them resources," said Mancini. "In supporting these local pregnancy centers you are helping them choose life.”

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The nod to pregnancy help by the March for Life comes as pro-abortion attacks on pregnancy help continue via the media, proposed legislation and other measures, professional threats, big tech suppression, and public disparagement from elected officials friendly to the abortion lobby.

This, despite the fact that pregnancy centers in the U.S. delivered more than $350 million in services and goods during more than 16 million client visits in 2022, earning a near perfect positive client experience rating in the process.

The March for Life’s affirmation of pregnancy help comes as well as pro-life federal lawmakers in the House and Senate introduced or passed several pregnancy help-affirming measures.

Heartbeat International was also on Capitol Hill in conjunction with March for Life events, briefing Congressional staffers on pregnancy help and Abortion Pill Reversal.

Tweet This: Pregnancy centers are all over, opening their doors, answering calls and providing hope. We are with every woman, for every child.

Trudden closed the March for Life video message by thanking pro-life advocates for supporting pregnancy help.

“Pregnancy help organizations exist because of good people like you,” she said. “Together we can truly create a culture that embraces life.”

For information on how to support the March for Life pregnancy help donation drive click HERE.


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