Pro-life coffee company raises nearly $300K to support pregnancy resource centers

Pro-life coffee company raises nearly $300K to support pregnancy resource centersSeven Weeks Coffee at the Jan. 2022 Students for Life of America Pro-life Summit (Seven Weeks Coffee)

(The Washington Stand) A pro-life coffee company has donated nearly $300,000 to pregnancy resource centers nationwide to enable them to continue serving as a “shield and protector” to pregnant women, as centers in some states face threats to their funding and ability to operate. 

Founded in 2021, Seven Weeks Coffee is named after the stage in a woman’s pregnancy when her unborn child is the size of a coffee bean. The company supports the mission of pro-life pregnancy centers, which provide free resources and counseling services to pregnant women and families by donating 10% of its earnings from coffee sales to them. 

Pregnancy centers can also partner with Seven Weeks Coffee by signing up for its affiliate program online.

From the company’s founding to the one-year anniversary of Roe v. Wade’s reversal, Seven Weeks Coffee raised around $125,000 for pregnancy resource centers. The pro-life company raised the same amount of money again within six months. 

In an interview with The Christian Post, Seven Weeks Coffee founder Anton Krecic said the company evolved from what he described as a “grassroots movement” as more people began spreading the word about it. One of the reasons Krecic believes Seven Weeks Coffee has been able to raise that amount of money is due to its partnerships.

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Krecic believes part of the reason for the company’s continued growth is the attention it has received from major pro-life advocates like Lila Rose and Allie Beth Stuckey. He also highlighted the company’s partnerships with over 700 pregnancy centers, which he said allows coffee connoisseurs to help their local pregnancy center by buying Seven Weeks Coffee. 

“They see the real pains that people are facing,” Krecic said about pregnancy resource centers. “They’re intervening in a crisis and acting as a shield and protector for mom and child.”

In addition to its partnership with over 700 pregnancy centers, Krecic said Seven Weeks Coffee partners with multiple pro-life organizations through its affiliate program, including the Center for Client Safety and Sidewalk Advocates for Life

“And basically, what we’re trying to tailor is, ‘Hey, we sell coffee of an amazing quality.’ So if that’s pregnancy centers, if that’s adoption clinics, organizations like Center for Client Safety that are shutting down abortion clinics — we’re going to find whoever we can that’s doing pro-life work and fund it through the sale of our coffee.” he added. 

The Seven Weeks Coffee founder said his company partners with pregnancy centers throughout the country, including in Alaska, New York, Virginia, Texas, and Pennsylvania. 

Pregnancy centers in Pennsylvania are facing a new challenge after Governor Josh Shapiro’s (D) administration announced in August an end to a contract that provided funding to Real Alternatives. The organization comprises a network of pregnancy centers offering various resources to pregnant women, including temporary shelter and parenting support. 

Krecic said Seven Weeks Coffee held an online fundraiser for Real Alternatives from Aug. 11-14, 2023, that raised a couple thousand dollars on their behalf. According to the Seven Weeks Coffee founder, the brand has raised over $10,000 for pregnancy centers in Pennsylvania overall.

Tweet This: From 2021 to 2023 Seven Weeks Coffee raised approx. $125,000 for pregnancy centers, raising the same amount again within the next 6 months.

Detractors of pregnancy centers argue that these pro-life charitable organizations manipulate women into choosing life for their children and rely on “deceptive” strategies to lure women away from abortion facilities and into their centers. Critics also allege that pregnancy centers lie about the services they provide women by posing as medical clinics.

“We want to be advocates for pregnancy centers and convey the truth that they provide free medical care to women who are in real crisis,” Krecic said. “There are zero financial motives from a pregnancy center.”

“Pregnancy centers are there to help mother and child. Abortion clinics are there to make a sale, convincing mothers that abortion is their only choice,” he continued.

A December 2023 report released by multiple pro-life groups, including the Charlotte Lozier Institute, surveyed 2,750 pregnancy centers in 50 states. According to the report, pregnancy centers served over 970,000 clients and provided over $350 million worth of services to women and families in 2022.

A total of 44,930 volunteers and 17,646 paid staff helped women seeking assistance at pro-life pregnancy centers. Over 97% of people who sought help from a pro-life pregnancy resource center reported that their experience was a positive one.

Editor's note: This article was published by The Washington Stand (originally published in The Christian Post) and is reprinted with permission.

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