Sharing how precious life is - pro-life radio ministry raises up pregnancy help

Sharing how precious life is - pro-life radio ministry raises up pregnancy help (Matt Botsford/Unsplash)

A growing pro-life radio ministry seeks to lift up the pregnancy help community with passion for life coupled with years of service in pregnancy help and education.

Choose Life Radio was birthed after two 18-year careers came to a close for host Jill Taylor.

Taylor spent 19 years as a teacher in California before she and her husband moved to Ohio. She spent another 18 years leading a pregnancy help center in Stark County, Ohio. 

After a transition from the pregnancy center to working from home, Taylor said her husband called her one day with a plan.

“He said, ‘I feel like God gave me an idea. We should do a radio program.’ I told him he was crazy,’” Taylor said.

It took some time, but Taylor began to recall her own family’s work in radio. Her grandfather had done radio ministry in California, and her father had done some radio ministry as well.

In 2019, Choose Life Radio began with one radio station broadcasting the program which could only be heard in three counties in Ohio. One local man served as a mentor to the Taylors, and within six months they were heard on 750 stations across the country. The program is half an hour in length and can also be heard on Sirius radio. 

“It’s gone extremely well now for three years,” Taylor told Pregnancy Help News. “I’m blown away.” 

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Listeners span from Florida to California.

“We started by purely talking about abortion,” Taylor explained. “We brought in staffers of the pregnancy center and post abortive women. Once I began that, more stories came out that went beyond our (pregnancy) center.” 

Taylor discussed some of her featured guests. 

Recent guest Bradley Walker, a bluegrass and country music singer and songwriter, was born with no use of arms or legs.

“He has a brilliant mind, and he sings,” she said. 

Taylor interviewed a doctor who had performed abortions. He and his wife worked together as abortionists. They later became pro-life. 

Pro-life speaker Steventhen Holland was also a guest. The South Carolina man was born to a mentally ill girl who was raped and gave him up for adoption. He later met his birth mom before she passed away.

The list of guests goes on and on and each person serves as a testimony to the pro-life movement.

Taylor’s 18 years in the pregnancy center helped her recall of such testimonies from attending events and fundraisers. 

The program now has a small studio and a producer. Choose Life Radio had begun in a tiny room with the noise of big trucks barreling by the building in the background.

Choose Life radio exists on monthly support from donors, and they are considering fundraising. Taylor admitted it’s hard to imagine holding a banquet for donors from all over the country. Still, the gifts have been generous.

One woman heard the program after a family member passed away. She donated $9,000 after that first listen in memory of the loved one. 

“I called her to thank her, and it turned out she had a story of her own,” Taylor said. 

Jill Taylor

The woman had been sent out of state in the 1970s to have an abortion and she regretted that loss. She ended up sharing on the program.

Because some of the stories are very personal, the interviewees can change their names for listeners.

“The interviews are very fresh. I know we’re going to unpack a lot of the story on air,” Taylor said. 

Taylor’s time at the pregnancy center sitting with clients and getting to know them and listening to their stories gave her a fresh approach to interviewing. Her additional 18 years of teaching in the classroom and asking the children questions had been another asset to this career in radio.

During her interviews, Taylor points back to pregnancy centers as resources. She reminds listeners of their existence and reminds them there is free help.

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Taylor said she personally feels more pregnancy centers need to open as close to abortion centers as possible. Her advice to centers is to avoid opening “beautiful buildings in a beautiful location” when “you don’t have the abortion minded women anywhere near you.” In her opinion, that is the biggest mistake pregnancy centers can make. 

Taylor goes into the studio each week carrying her own experience with loss. 

Just after the program started taking shape in 2019, her small grandson drowned in a boating accident. The meaning of life never felt so real for Taylor. 

She is even more passionate to share how precious life is. 

“It’s real. It’s serious,” she said. “People don’t understand abortion is taking a real child.”

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