Turning abortion into a satanic ritual

Turning abortion into a satanic ritual (MART PRODUCTION/Pexels)

Within the next few years, seven of 10 abortions will take place in bedrooms and bathrooms across the U.S. with the use of the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol. The Biden administration is working hard to ensure widespread access to chemical abortion, especially in states with abortion restrictions.   

This very personalized form of ending a pregnancy presents very real physical and emotional risks for women. Yet the most disturbing threat is how this method of abortion is perfectly suited to promote an occult - and outright satanic - ritualization of the experience. 

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Fox News reports that Cosmopolitan, a popular magazine for young women, shared with readers how they can obtain abortion pills, accompanied by instructions on how to have a ritualized abortion service via the medical outreach of a satanic temple operating out of an abortion facility in New Mexico

The service presents the chemical abortion process as a ceremony of personal empowerment. The truth is that such rituals facilitate a very intimate connection with dangerous spiritual entities. 

As reported in Fox News, Cosmopolitan shares the testimony of Jessica: 

"What’s it like to have a Satanic abortion? For Jessica* [a fake name to keep the woman anonymous], a 37-year-old mother of three… ‘the experience was just very supportive,’" Cosmopolitan wrote in an Instagram post. "While she’s not a Satanist, Jessica decided to incorporate a few ceremonial elements into her solo abortion experience. ‘Why not?’ she thought. The overall messaging just clicked with her." 

Proponents of abortion rights take what is a very natural process, conception and pregnancy, and present a very unnatural solution. A chemical abortion tricks a woman’s body into restricting life-giving nutrition to the developing baby, and once deceased, expelling the child from the womb. 

In the same way, the introduction of satanic spirituality into ritualized chemical abortion deepens the deception that an abortion is a positive act of physical empowerment, rather than a physically unnatural, spiritually deadly action. 

By entering into this ritual, participants are uniting the bloody, painful process of expelling a living child from their bodies with the spiritual forces of darkness. In effect, they act “in intimate communion” with the spirituality of satanism, and the diabolical entities behind it. 

This very personalized at-home experience of self-administered abortion lends itself to this type of diabolical ritualization. Chemical abortion provides the perfect context to ritualize what abortion proponents have long proclaimed: That abortion is the ultimate act of self-empowerment, a sacred rite of bodily autonomy and reproductive choice. 

The attractiveness of this messaging will lead some women to take the next step to spiritually ritualize this experience because, as Jessica says, “the overall message just clicked with her.”  

But as anyone familiar with the suffering associated with demonic oppression and possession can attest, this is very dangerous territory for the soul and psyche.

Fox News reports that Cosmopolitan shared a series of steps to perform the ritual, including staring at one’s reflection before taking an abortion pill and saying, "One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone." 

The ritual concludes with the participant proclaiming, “By my body, my blood; by my will, it is done." 

This is a very clear mockery of the self-sacrificial offering Jesus shared on Holy Thursday, and in every ritualistic representation of unleavened bread and wine at the Last Supper. At every Catholic Mass we hear the words of Jesus, “This is My body, given for you…this cup is the New Covenant in My blood, which is poured out for you.”

In anticipation of his coming torture and death, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, “My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as You will.”

In contrast, in the magazine’s post we find a diabolic inversion of the words of Jesus that mirrors elements of other satanic rituals. As the participant acts as both abortionist and satanic priestess, she draws upon the physical process of ending her pregnancy, and proclaims: “By my body, my blood; by my will, it is done."  This is a powerfully dark exercise that could summon dangerous and noxious demonic spirits. 

The clinic suggests including as many loved ones as possible in the ceremony and "light candles or even dress up — whatever makes them feel empowered." Of course, inviting others and suggesting candles and special dress furthers the satanic ritualization of the chemical abortion experience as a type of public religious service or ceremony. 

In fact, The Satanic Temple has said it hopes to expand its abortion operations into other states as part of its campaign to claim abortion as a religious sacrament protected under the First Amendment and federal law. 

Spiritual deception is but one of the deadly risks associated with abortion pills. 

The Charlotte Lozier Institute published a first-of-its-kind longitudinal study of Medicaid claims data from 17 states where state taxpayer funds pay for abortion. After analyzing the data the researchers reported that chemical abortion significantly increased the risk of an emergency room visit.  

Couples today often rationalize that the abortion pill merely initiates an early miscarriage. They are tempted to see the pills as an easier solution than a medical procedure at an abortion center. 

Tragically, women, and often, their male partners, discover that their safe space and refuge (home, apartment, dorm room) is now the locus of painful and traumatic feelings and memories associated with the abortion. The actual experience of the abortion pill, far from being some noble act of self-empowerment, can be a shocking and traumatic experience.

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With the grave risks associated with this rapidly growing method of abortion, now more than ever, we need to increase our efforts to educate the public about the risks associated with chemical abortion. 

It’s essential that our elected representatives understand the threat and fight to protect the public. Our communities, especially vulnerable minors and young adults, need laws and policies that restrict easy access by mail, or over the counter, to these harmful chemicals.

Our religious leaders need to understand the threat to the souls of those entrusted to their spiritual care. Without healing and reconciliation with God, such souls engaging in occult abortion rituals risk eternal separation from God, deceived by the one Jesus rightly named, the father of lies

[For anyone who has participated personally in abortion, as well as those who have been involved with any occult activities, and seek spiritual and emotional healing from that experience, there is no need to be afraid. There are safe and effective healing programs that will restore you to full communion with your loving God.]

Editor's note: This article is a Pregnancy Help News original. Kevin Burke, MSS, is a pastoral associate of Priests for Life and co-founder of Rachel’s Vineyard. An expert on men and abortion loss, he is the author of Tears of the Fisherman and co-author of Rivers of Blood/Oceans of Mercy.

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