“Against actual choice” - Heartbeat president on assaults leveled at pregnancy help

“Against actual choice” - Heartbeat president on assaults leveled at pregnancy helpJor-El Godsey appears on Tipping Point (OANN Rumble screen capture)

The head of the largest network of pregnancy help organizations said in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade that it was his hope for leaders at both the federal and state level to turn focus from appeasing abortion interests to genuinely help women in need.

Heartbeat International President Jor-El Godsey reacted to footage of now-infamous claims from Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren that pregnancy centers meant harm to their clients and that the centers should be shut down, even as harassment and attacks against U.S. pregnancy centers persist.

Warren intimates the pregnancy centers are doing them harm, Godsey said on a recent episode of OANN’s Tipping Point program, “when in fact it’s actually the abortion clinics that are intent upon doing harm.”

“Certainly, doing harm to the baby that’s within the mother’s womb,” he said, “and often to the mom that’s experiencing difficulties.”

A mom who is experiencing the challenges of unexpected pregnancy sometimes can’t see past the temporary scenario where she feels that the only choice she has is to terminate the life of her child, he said. 

“No woman should be forced into that situation,” said Godsey. “Either by her circumstances or by another person.”

“But that seems to be exactly what Sen. Warren is all about making sure happens,” he said. “Not so much helping women to overcome the obstacles that they face when dealing with an unintended pregnancy. But instead of forcing women to only go to the abortion clinics.

“That’s exactly the message that we heard from her,” said Godsey, “and from those like her who have constantly berated pregnancy centers.” 

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The title of the Tipping Point segment was Abortion Hysteria, and it concerned varied examples of how abortion proponents have overreacted to the June 24 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision that struck down Roe, Warren case in point.

Further, absurd anti-pregnancy help claims have proliferated since the Dobbs ruling, of women being denied care for miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, women being arrested for seeking abortion or for crossing state lines to procure abortion. 

The Biden administration has taken steps to bypass the Dobbs decision, upend states’ rights, and codify abortion nationwide, placating the abortion industry in its malice toward pregnancy help.

“By the way these are pregnancy centers that are community organizations,” Godsey said. “They are supported by hundreds if not thousands of local grassroots individuals who are voting with their money to support pregnancy centers, who are giving their time and their energy so that moms can be helped to make a decision that they want, which is one for life.”

Women want to be able to choose, he said.

“And it seems like that, of all things, Sen. Warren is against actual choice,” Godsey stated.

Tweet This: Women want to be able to choose. And it seems like that, of all things, Sen. Warren is against actual choice.

Heartbeat International has more than 3,000 affiliates around the world that help 1.5 million clients facing unexpected pregnancy each year.

The most recent Charlotte Lozier Institute study of the then roughly 2,700 pregnancy centers in the U.S. found the centers, whether affiliated with Heartbeat or not, served almost two million people in annually, at an estimated total value of services and material assistance of nearly $270 million. 

Despite the invaluable support for women and families provided by pregnancy help centers, abortion zealots have targeted the centers since the May 2 Dobbs draft opinion leak with violence, vandalism, threats, and harassment.

Remarking on the continual pro-abortion terrorism directed pregnancy help centers since the Dobbs leak, Godsey said that a survey conducted by Heartbeat showed that it was only in a handful of states that pregnancy help organizations had not reported harassment, threats or attacks.

“We have protests going on against pregnancy centers and they are anything but peaceful,” Godsey said.

Godsey noted how it’s often been in abortion blue states where the government will take additional steps to attack pregnancy centers - such as New York investigating CompassCare Pregnancy Services, which had been firebombed, for not offering abortion.

“It’s odd what they’re actually striking out against,” he said, “rather than stepping into helping women be able to overcome the obstacles that they face in an unplanned pregnancy, they seem to be forcing them into the clutches of the abortion industry.”

It’s a tragedy for leaders to put the desire appeasing Big Abortion and garnering votes rather than helping people in their state, he said.

Nearly two million people have been assisted by pregnancy help centers annually in recent years, Godsey noted, and now with Roe overturned, there will be as many or more women facing the need for help.

“We expect that more and more women will be caught in that moment where they don’t really want abortion, they’re not seeking it, they’re really feeling trapped into that decision.”

Godsey said he was grateful for the life states that are stepping in to help women.

“I would hope that the abortion states would be more mindful of those women in difficulty because pregnancy centers are there,” he said.

“We will continue to do what we do; we only expect to see more people who will need pregnancy help centers, we expect to have more pregnancy centers, they’re practically opening every month all across the country,” said Godsey. “We need that to happen more, we need more people to be involved, to step out and help those that need the help that we know that they need.”

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