Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Pregnancy Center Empowers Woman to Leave Cult and Protect Her Unborn Baby from Child Sacrifice

Some years ago, Cindi Boston, vice president of Heartbeat International, was serving as executive director at a local pregnancy center in Springfield, Missouri when a woman named April came in for a free ultrasound.

Boston didn’t know it at the time, but April’s unborn child was at the center of a sinister plan by a local cult: The baby had been chosen for child sacrifice—literally—and April was visiting the center because she needed a firm delivery date so they could plan the dark ritual. 

As wild and frightening as that story was, it’s outcome was a happy one thanks to the Christ-driven work of Boston’s Pregnancy Care Center. In a commentary written for AG News, Boston described the story’s positive ending:

Instead, April received hope—hope that she was a valuable child of the King; hope that there was a better way than abortion or child sacrifice; hope that life could be different.

April is an excellent example of what happens through pregnancy centers. Her needs were met. We gave her unconditional love and a host of resources. April not only left the cult, but she chose to parent her baby. She gathered the courage to leave the aberrant group and head in a different direction. She found faith in Christ and married. April became a productive citizen in her community. April’s warm smile and joy prove that pregnancy centers bring truth and peace into dark places.

It’s redemptive stories like these that make it difficult for Boston to tolerate the incendiary accusations about the pro-life community that politicians have been making as states across the country pass bills to protect the lives of the unborn.  

“Underneath the snarky comments of abortion proponents, there is a quiet but dedicated majority hard at work,” writes Boston. “There is no fame or fortune for pro-women, pro-life advocates to help those in distress. We stand in the gap. Heartbeat centers help pregnant women in need, so moms don’t have to choose termination of a pregnancy and live with a life of regret.”

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Pregnancy help centers like those affiliated with Heartbeat International routinely empower women to reject the darkness of abortion (modern-day child sacrifice which occurs by the thousands on a daily basis), by supplying them with long-term life coaching, motherhood classes, fatherhood programming, help with completing their education and practical resources, such as maternity supplies, baby clothing, diapers, wipes, and more.

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“So, when our adversaries, such as Brian Sims, ask if we have put shoes on children today, the answer is yes,” Boston writes. “Through the Heartbeat International pregnancy center network, we will clothe children, feed the poor, and bring light to the dark world of unplanned pregnancies. We will do it without asking for anything back, because we do it in the name of Jesus.”

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Katie Franklin

Katie Franklin is a writer for Heartbeat International. She previously served as director of communications for Ohio Right to Life and is a graduate of Denison University where she earned a B.A. in history in 2013. Katie lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Miles and their daughter.

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