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Posted by Heartbeat International on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pregnancy Help Exists for Such a Time as This

Perhaps, like me, you are reaching a point of overload. Unspeakable images, cold-hearted conversations, lies, more lies, justification, and flimsy explanations. Many of us who have been involved in the fight to save the unborn react with very mixed feelings.

We are weary, sickened, burdened, but also optimistic, hopeful, and even energized that this may the final end to an abortion Goliath. Before your head explodes, or before you simply tune out, be encouraged remembering that you have been set apart for such a time as this.

Consider three things for perspective today:

1. Nothing has really changed.

Selling body parts for money was a very short step for Planned Parenthood. The abortion industry has always been about money. In 30 years, I have never seen a free abortion clinic. If one can dehumanize a child and kill it in the womb for money, then we should not be at all surprised when those who stand to gain find new ways to capitalize on the process.  

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2. “Using the body parts for the good of all” is not a new concept.

When we deem one subset of the human family to be less valuable, we can own them, trade them, use them, and abuse them. The European slave trade flourished largely due to the economic boon it brought to new interests in the Americas. Nazi Germany perfected the abuse of the “less human.”

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The Jews are going to die in the ovens anyway, why waste an opportunity to help mankind? Unthinkable Holocaust-era experiments were justified with the same arguments of today’s abortion industrythe babies will end up in the trash anyway, we may as well use the spare parts for the good of all.

3. We are at a crossroad in history.

We are the resistance, we are the uprising on the slave ship Madagascar, we are the abolitionists, we are the Underground Railroad, we are the Dietrich Bonhoeffers of our time.

Enlightened by God’s Holy Word, the heroes of history’s moral battlefields recognized that the struggle was not with flesh and blood, but was against the darkest powers at work in the unseen realm. Like them, we must stand. We must be strong in the power of God’s mighty power. With Truth buckled around our waist, with Righteousness as our closest friend, with movements of Peace, and with Faith as our shield, we are made ready for the fight of our lives.

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How does our pregnancy help organization engage in this battle? We do what we have always done. Nothing has really changed. We love families, pray for women, care relentlessly, answer truthfully. We follow our Policies and Procedures, we serve, we give, we seek God’s direction for each client we reach.

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We few, we happy few! We band of brothers! Be encouraged today. We are experiencing days that will be looked upon with awe and respect by those who follow us.

When our grandchildren ask, what did you do about this horror? We will confidently reply, "I did all that God enabled me to do!"

Amy Scheuring serves as Executive Director of Women's Choice Network, a four-location pregnancy help organization serving women and families in the Pittsburgh area. 

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