Pro-abortion politicians agitating to quash pregnancy help is “abortion distortion” – Heartbeat president

Pro-abortion politicians agitating to quash pregnancy help is “abortion distortion” – Heartbeat presidentPrudence Robertson interviews Jor-El Godsey (EWTN Pro-Life Weekly screenshot)

Abortion supporting lawmakers acting to block women from options to choose life for their unborn children offer a warped brand of choice, the head of the largest global network of pregnancy help said. If one looks beneath the surface, Heartbeat International Jor-El Godsey said, a tie between the abortion industry and abortion proponents in Congress is evident.

Godsey took questions in a recent interview about lawmakers championing Big Tech suppression of pregnancy help online and inaction by the federal government in response to months of pro-abortion violence and threats toward pregnancy help organizations and churches, saying the latter clearly amounted to domestic terrorism.

Godsey appeared on EWTN Pro-Life Weekly to discuss the recent poll results from CRC Research showing that a vast majority of Americans on both sides of the political aisle support pregnancy help centers and maternity homes.

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

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Host Prudence Robertson noted how pro-abortion Congress members support recent announcements from Google and Yelp on plans to censor pregnancy help centers, in online searches and ads, respectively, keeping women from receiving the help that they need. She cited Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, who had said he welcomed the announcement by Google to mark what he calls ‘fake clinics’ or ‘crisis pregnancy centers,’ so that women seeking abortions are not, quote, “misled.” 

The discussion also touched on radical comments in recent months by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who smeared pregnancy help organizations as “there to fool people,” claiming that they “torture people,” calling for them to “shut them down all around the country.” Warren co-sponsored legislation that would allow the Federal Trade Commission to fine pregnancy help centers up to $100,000 or half of the parent organizations’ annual revenues if the FTC deems the centers’ advertising to be misleading or deceptive.

Robertson asked Godsey whether Google's update to censor online searches for pregnancy help to only allow results showing abortion providers was legal.

Godsey responded that legality notwithstanding, it was unethical and immoral. 

“Imagine if only slave owners could be the ones that were referred to by Google, if slavery were the matter that we were talking about,” Godsey said. 

“This is unconscionable and something that shouldn't be happening,” he said. “Big tech should not be involved in this conversation and certainly not throwing its massive political weight around.”

Robertson pointed out that when asked whether they support the public funding or pregnancy resource centers, 64% of Americans said yes. And that after respondents learned about the resources that the centers have to offer, that level of support jumped 10 percentage points to 74%. 

“Now these numbers still hold true, even among the majority of Democrat voters,” Robertson said. “So, people clearly want what these centers have to offer. Why are senators like Elizabeth Warren and Mark Warner calling for them to be shut down?”

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

“It's a mystery, if we only look at the surface,” Godsey said. 

“Underneath the surface, of course, we see that the abortion industry has long been supporters of senators like Warren and Warner and others,” he said. “So, we wonder if this isn't really more about a payback, because this is not what the American people want.”

Godsey noted how in a previous election cycle one of the Democrat candidates for president had said there was no room for pro-life Democrats in the Democrat party. 

“Now that is unconscionable as well,” said Godsey. “The fact that that they're willing to dismiss an entire group of people who are are very much concerned about the life issue, very much concerned about helping women have access to something besides abortion.”

“And here we have senators that are simply boxing out - not only just promoting abortion - but actually working to box out alternatives to abortion - that doesn't seem like choice at all,” said Godsey. “It seems like really an abortion distortion in our political realm.”

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

Roberson proceeded with the CRC poll finding that 80% of respondents agree that individuals who perpetrate violence against pregnancy help centers and churches should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

“Can we rely on our law enforcement to investigate these acts and something to reprimand groups like Ruth Sent Us and Jane’s Revenge, that have attacked hundreds of churches and pregnancy centers, at this point?” she asked.

“I wish we could,” Godsey said, calling for elected officials to show the courageous representation of the 80% of the public that is standing up and saying this should happen.

“There should be investigation,” said Godsey. “And we know that the FBI has been investigating, but I think apparently the FBI has other things in mind and are not really applying themselves to what is tantamount to domestic terrorism.” 

“When they're leaving messages like, “If abortion is not safe, neither are you,” that's terrorism,” Godsey stated. “That's not just designed against those that they're specifically attacking. It's also designed to really push back and make others afraid. And that is the very definition of terrorism.”

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A Sept. 6 report from the Religious Freedom Institute (RFI), found that, “As of late August 2022, perpetrators have attacked at least 63 pro-life organizations, across 26 states and the District of Columbia, since the Dobbs leak.” 

The report was referencing the May 2 leak of a draft majority opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization signaling that the court was prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade. The final Dobbs decision on June 24 struck Roe down and returned the issue of abortion legalization to the states.

The RFI report found that conditions persist for further attacks against pro-life organizations and individuals in 2022 and 2023.

Godsey said of the CRC poll results on support for pregnancy help organizations that given there are conservatives who believe that taxpayers should not be funding things across the board, he believed think the support for pregnancy centers and maternity homes is actually higher than the CRC results showed. 

“I would also say that we know that those who actually access pregnancy centers are really getting their needs met,” he said.

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

Godsey cited the high client satisfaction rates netted by pregnancy help centers.

“Poll after poll, time after time, when we evaluate years of exit surveys, we continue to see 97, 98% satisfaction rate of those that actually access the services at their local pregnancy help organization,” he said.

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“That is a testimony to success, to care, to love and to compassion,” Godsey said. “And that's really what pregnancy help is all about.”

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