Thursday, 28 October 2021
Turning the clock back? Anna Shvets/Pexels

Turning the clock back?

Texas’s “Heartbeat” bill, a ban on abortions after six weeks, went into effect on September 1 when the Supreme Court of the United States voted not to enjoin the law

"This is a de facto overturning of Roe before the Supreme Court has time to hear the Mississippi case," said Planned Parenthood’s president, Alexis McGill Johnson. "And Texas will now go back to being a pre-Roe state, turning the clock back 50 years." 

Turning the clock back? Fifty years? 

If anyone is doing that, it is abortion proponents

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When Roe was enacted, “the pill” had only been on the market for a few years. In this millennium, the CDC tells us that more than 46 million women use contraceptives. 

Maybe Planned Parenthood has forgotten their own statements that “…access to contraception broadens their ability to make other choices about their lives, including those related to education and employment.” 

And they’ve also seem to have forgotten the availability of “emergency contraception” the use of which has increased 400% just in the last 20 years. 

So-called “reproductive health” experts pushed for “post-coital” interventions, which, based upon their logic, should’ve made later abortions unnecessary. 

Tweet This: 50 yrs of scientific advancements has increased understanding of the marvel of life, conception & human development at the earliest stages

Indeed, 50 years has greatly expanded the spectrum of options for women in Texas so that stopping a heart known to be beating is just not as “necessary” - if it ever was. 

Let’s not forget that 50 years of advancements in science has greatly increased understanding of the marvel of life, the instance of conception, and the development of humans at the earliest stages. I guess we’re supposed to ignore the wonder of obstetric ultrasounds and life-saving gains in fetal surgery. 

Tweet This: If anyone is turning the clock back 50 years it is abortion proponents.

Big Abortion is understandably upset at the Texas ban. Though you’d think they’d also be actively pivoting their services toward “parenthood” in order to help the moms who now can’t abort their children. Maybe their adoption rates will soar? Doubtful. 

That’s why the pregnancy help community is so important

In fact, we’re all about parenthood. We’ve been providing alternatives to abortion for that same50 years.” 

Tweet This: The pregnancy help community is so important, because we’ve been providing alternatives to abortion for that same “50 years.”

We’ve learned how to help moms navigate the system, support them with material aid, connect them with community programs, and fill in the gaps where needs exist. 

Thanks, Texas, for realizing this is not the 1970s anymore. In this century, every woman should be loved and supported in her pregnancy. 

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Jor-El Godsey

Jor-El Godsey serves as President of Heartbeat International. He leads a staff dedicated to equipping, empowering, and encouraging the thousands of leaders and developing leaders of Heartbeat’s affiliated pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, and adoption services, in the U.S. and on every inhabited continent.

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