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Women pay the price as Indiana abortionists get a pass from state officials on botched, illicit abortions Mikhail Nilov/Pexels

Women pay the price as Indiana abortionists get a pass from state officials on botched, illicit abortions

The Indiana Department of Health (IHD) appears to be ignoring more than just two botched abortions in 2022 as previously reported in Pregnancy Help News in February.

The Federalist had obtained abortion records from the state and reported the IHD is not only sitting on the abortion cases in which two babies were born alive. 

The reports indicated that the state did not report four abortions on young women 15 or younger. This is required in the state of Indiana. 

Additionally, three women also died because of abortions and no charges or prosecution has taken place.

“It's no secret that those who provide abortion do not obey health codes or laws in the pursuit of unfettered access to abortion,” said Christa Brown, senior director of Medical Impact for Heartbeat International. “What might be surprising to many is that these crimes are continuing to happen in a red state - a state that has the most conservative abortion laws.” 

Indiana has generally ranked high in the U.S. as a pro-life state and a law was put into place more than a year ago requiring botched abortions be reported to the IDH. 

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The first known botched abortion from 2022 took place in March. A 23-year-old woman was given the abortion pill, which is only legal at up to 10-weeks’ gestation. She delivered a live 20-week-old child. The baby later passed away. 

In July 2022, a 27-year-old woman also took the abortion pill at 20 weeks and delivered a live baby. Hours later the male child died.

Records from the Indiana pro-life group Voices for Life indicate there were at least 100 health violations and crimes committed by abortion facilities in the state. Forty percent of those violations were from Planned Parenthood, The Federalist reported.

Three women reportedly died at the hands of abortionists in 2022. Two were patients of abortionist Amy Caldwell with Planned Parenthood. Both patients were given the abortion pill, one at 21-weeks’ gestation and the other at seven weeks.

The third victim in the state was a 31-year-old woman who had a surgical abortion at eight weeks. Abortionist Rhiannon Amodeo performed the procedure. 

“Physicians performing abortions within the state are required to report data related to terminated pregnancies to the Indiana Department of Health,” Brown said. 

Failure to do so results in skewed abortion statistics and women who are considering abortion are being deprived of complete information, said Brown.

“By hiding information and not disclosing these incidents, they not only protect themselves, but also sway abortion data,” she said. “Women contemplating abortion are therefore not provided transparent information.” 

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Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb and the GOP-led Indiana General Assembly are not pushing for the cases to be investigated. They are instead increasing tax funds to IDH from seven million to $250 million due to Covid-related issues. Meanwhile the IDH responds to questions about the long list of crimes as “errors.”

Brown said these responses are irresponsible excuses.

“Those who profit from abortion often claim abortion is healthcare,” she said. “Yet I'd like to know with what other form of healthcare this would be permissible. When would covering for rape, patients dying following ‘safe’ procedures, or facilitating the death of babies born alive be acceptable in medicine?” 

“In no form of healthcare would providers be able to ignore such allegations or claim a computer error,” said Brown.

It all comes down to an absence of regard for dignity, she said.

“Women and children should be treated with dignity,” stated Brown. “It's high time abortion providers were held to a higher standard in order to protect those entrusted to their care.”

Editor's note: Heartbeat International manages Pregnancy Help News.

Tabitha Goodling

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